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Band of Angels has a relationship with Sprint/Nextel through Midwest Cooperating Communications. Now, when you buy any Sprint/Nextel product through this site, Band of Angels receives a portion of each transaction to support their mission of assisting families of children with Down syndrome.

Do you want to give your child independence and still have peace of mind of knowing where he/she is? Consider getting your child a Sprint/Nextel cell phone with GPS technology.

Family Locator

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Through the Sprint "Family Locator" application you will always be able to find out where your child is. You can find your child's location through your pc or through another mobile device. Sprint even allows you to set up Safety Checks where you will receive automatic email updates at days and times you choose. Set up safety checks for when school starts or when your child should get home to make sure he/she arrived on time. You can also send text messages to your child's phone in case plans change.

Businesses can also help the Band of Angels. If your business needs phone, internet/data or cellular service, contact us at 877.511.CELL(2355) x239 or email us questions at [email protected].